Monday, March 8, 2010

Resto Druids Still the King of Healing

Did this run yesterday with two guildies, and although the fight was by no means difficult, I emerged very very happy with myself. Let me just reiterate for those who haven't gotten this from me… Resto Druids=The Bomb… or whatever kids call it nowadays. Yes, let me just say there were two other healers in the group, both who were better geared than I (there was a priest in there who's addon GS was 5032, and my GS is 4632). I did die once, but not of fault of my own. At anyrate, the Recount reflected that not only did I out heal the others, but my heals were the most efficient. Yes, friends, I am an awesome healer. But then, you knew this. So, now I will continue to focus on my tanking (although I have to get some new items for my healing set ASAP).

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