Thursday, February 25, 2010

Returning to the Blog

So, needless to say, I’ve been a little busy the past couple of weeks. In RL, I have applied to Grad school, and last week out of town with a good WoW and RL friend while waiting to interview for the program.  During this time, I met a lot of new RL people, interviewed for my hopeful future alma-mater, and played some WoW. And then, the day before my Grad interview, I found out that my grandpa passed away. Fortunately, he and I were not close, so it wasn’t a major blow to me, but I felt bad for my father—anyway, long story short, I’ve been pretty busy.
However, during my weeklong stay out of town, I did get pretty far along my Elder achievement line (I really want that title). I’ve completed the Kalimdor, Ally, Horde and Eastern Kingdom elder achievements, and I am now getting ready to finish the dungeon ones.
So one thing that has been coursing through my mind is this concept of when you have two healers in a group,  one is better geared, more experienced, and the other is a noob to healing, less gear etc., who do you let heal? I was running with my guildies, and the situation arose in which I was the better geared of the two healers, but my gear wasn’t suitable for tanking, nor was I spec’d for kitty DPS. But, the other person (whom is no longer in our guild) had recently thrown a fit about how “no one in the guild supported him, and he couldn’t grow as a healer if he was never allowed to heal.” Ok, fine. I let him heal, with the understanding that if healing items dropped (since I wasn’t going in as either of my specs, I pretty much just ran as a kitty) I would role on them… to which I was met with the remark, “Well, you aren’t healing…” To which I replied, “no, but I’m not tanking either, and I’m not spec’d for DPS, and my MAIN spec is healing… so therefore, if I see any upgrades, I should be able to roll on them.” Well, needless to say, I didn’t end up rolling on the one item that was healing, because then the punk healer started making me feel bad as when I compared our items, my stuff was all better than his, despite the fact that the trinket was a huge upgrade for myself. 
So, what dictates Guild etiquette when it comes to healing? Obviously, yes, it is important to get some experience, to learn the fights, to know how to heal them. But then again, if you’re running it as a random, as a daily, and are spec’d for either healing or tanking, at what point is it important to override the other person? When I ran with my guild in other instances, when I was lower geared, I would often secede from my healing option so that the better geared healer could control it, finding that sometimes it was more important for me to recognize the mechanics of a specific boss from a DPS standpoint. But, now that I have made the decision to be spec’d as a Healer first, and then a Tank (my gear scores are about equal on both) but not DPS spec, or availability of a DPS spec (damn the hybrid nature of the druid sometimes!) what am I supposed to do when there is another healer who is better geared than me, or another tank that is better geared for me… my DPS isn’t up to par, if I was in a LfD group, I’d be dropped in a heartbeat.  Suggestions?

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