Monday, January 25, 2010

Good Versus Evil: To roll Alliance or Horde

I’ve recruited a few people to WoW during my time, most of them did not stick, but a few of them, such as my sister, did. However, that’s when the ultimate question arose. Which faction to go with? My friends, apparently, have been rather superficial in their decision, most (including myself) choosing to go with the “prettier” of races. However, despite strict instructions, my sister went with the humans—a decision which ultimately pitted me against her in all forms. When asked later, she said that it was because her friend was Ally, and “Horde were scary lookin’.” Fortunately for her, she is on a different server. I’ve tried to get her to convert, to come over to the “dark side” or light side. But she replies “I’m not going to Horde Wilde out.” I assume, she is using “Horde” as word play on “whore” but still, what is wrong with the Horde? Last time I checked, I was ganked 10 to 1 on a Horde server versus an Ally Server (Yes, I had a lvl 45 NE druid)—allies being relentless in their attacks, and Horde not nearly as bad. Now that I’m lvl 80, it isn’t as big of a deal. But I had an epic battle while lvling my druid—one in which I had to pull my lvl 80 Pally from Dalaran to finish, as I was continually being ganked by a lvl 73 druid—I was the same lvl. One swift hit from my pally, and the druid left me alone.

Sure, the simple explanation for this would have been for me to stay on a PVE server—one which allows you to control as to whether or not you want to PVP. But again, you follow your friends, which means you also rely on them.

Now to aesthetics, and the appeal of good versus evil. You often find the role of gender lacking in WoW—men playing females, women playing males. I actually had a guy who messaged me asking me if I was a “guy or girl” and to be perfectly frank, sometimes I like to mess with them. If they have to ask, then it must be a relief once in a while to talk to a girl, and being gay and living with two sisters and my mother for eighteen years, I can do it relatively well. Some of my guy friends only have guy characters, and my girl friends only have girl characters and vice versa. The men who have all female characters, when asked why, reply with “I would rather look at her ass than his.” I guess this is a reasonable answer, though rather lame when you remember the fact that this is a game. I have both—my druid is a female, and my pally is a male. My choices were based on pure aesthetics. I don’t like the gruffness of the male Tauren, but I’m very attracted to the look of the male bloodelf. I can’t get into the aesthetic of the Undead, or the Trolls. The Orc I find hideous looking, and the only reason I have the Tauren is because of the clever name choices I’ve seen out there, like Quarterpounder, Mootoo, etc.

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