Monday, January 25, 2010

Vintage Raids

If you read WoW blogs, then you’ve probably read Big Bear Butt’s “Retro Raids Revisited.” Ironically enough, the topic of his last blog was actually the same topic which I intended on writing. However, instead of writing about how much I enjoyed it, I was going to write about home much I disliked it.

The Motley Dragons began their raid on Sunwell Plateau on Thursday evening. We are a relatively small guild, and like the Sidhe Devils, we had no more than 15 people in the raid at once. We—who are not bad players (most of us have really good GS, as well as WoW-Heroes ranking)—were not able to finish the first boss. It was terrible. I personally did not enjoy it. It was a heck of a lot of work for nothing more than an achievement (which we didn’t even get)—time I would have rather spent getting some nice badges. Perhaps this is where I have lost my appetite for WoW.

I asked one of my friends, a player who is very, very talented at the game, why she liked it and she replied, “It’s giving invaluable experience.” So, that got me thinking, something which I contemplated all weekend. How much experience is actually needed to play WoW well? I personally have been playing the game for a little over two years. My first lvl 80 came this time last year. A year later, I have another 80. However, I took breaks—sometimes up to six month breaks—but you never really lose how to play your character. In addition, WoW addons, such as Healbot, QuestHelper etc. make the game almost impossible to fail at. Yet, there are STILL bad players out there. People who have been playing for 5+ years, and don’t understand gear mechanics, rolling for an item which has +mana regen for their DK

Returning back to the subject at hand, overall, I think that running vintage instances is rather fun—but I think that it is really difficult to get into it when you have a newly lvl’d toon and you’re trying to get him or her gear.

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