Friday, January 22, 2010

Resto Druids still=Awesome

To quickly touch on my first topic, I’ve learned that a good tank waits for the tree to uproot itself from the healing position before pulling the next mob.
Anyhow, ran some of the ICC last night as a healer, well below where I should be as gear. Despite the fact that there was one leather item which dropped the entire run, I have to say that overall, it was a great success. My gear score currently is around 3500, my wow-heroes score less than 2k. Yes, I am in desperate need of gear, but I have to say that I did damn well with my under-geared druid in an instance which dropped no less than 219 gear. It did help that I did have a well geared shammy which had my back, throwing the occasional heal here and there.
A word of the wise to anyone who is new to healing. Get Healbot. I’m not new to healing per say, I have a level 80 healadin who is relatively well geared. However, I don’t rely solely on Healbot. I have a horde of mouseover macros (which work amazing with Healbot). One which I find extremely necessary is Wild Growth. I’m sure it has positive and negative aspects of being macroed, but the pro that gets me the most is the fact that I can generally figure out who is near/far fully healed or low. Lifebloom is also an important mouseover which I suggest no Resto druid go without. While I’m using Healbot to spam Regrowth/Nourish, I’m using lifebloom and Wildgrowth to keep everyone up.
On another interesting topic, it is fascinating to me how healing, a once hated and despised role, is now so popular in which the small guild which I am in has probably five well geared healers—that’s almost a quarter of the total players we even have—and more on the way. Thus enter the Bear.
I’m ready to start learning my new tanking position, something which I have never done before. So I’ve started doing my research. I’ve learned a lot from blogs such as Big Butt Bear Blogger, and other various sites such as the Druid Daily and so on. Invaluable information, which gear I should choose, which stats I want to focus on. But I’m still a wimp. I haven’t wanted to get into a PuG incase I fail miserably. At the same time, I don’t feel right rolling on a lot of the gear which I see out there when I’m healing so I don’t.
My game ADD makes it hard for me to focus on one toon entirely. End game content hasn’t really been a goal of mine, because I guess I don’t want the game to end. So I create new characters, I find new projects. Hopefully my expeditions in tanking will distract me enough to keep me from being distracted as such to where I can’t finish gearing out my new druid. (This is actually a false hope, as my friend is starting an account, and I’m linked with him, so it’s a perfect opportunity to level a new toon… 300% extra XP is too much to ignore).

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