Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tree's Run Slow!

Welcome to my first blog!
My name is Metaphoria, I'm a level 80 druid on The Venture Co. My primary spec is Resto, but I've recently decided to attempt tanking. Throughout this blog, I hope to share things with you that I have learned, in both the Tree and Bear world of the druid. So, lets start.

My first topic: Trees Run Slow!

Alright, so face it, most of the toons in WoW all run the same speed (with exception of Pallys, and Hunters, or kitties when they are outside if properly spec'd for it). But we trees, well we have roots. We're slow. Everytime we get ready to move, we have to uproot our little toes from the ground which gives us energy. So when you're starting an instance, chill out for a second. Make sure your healer is behind you so that he/she isn't spamming heals frantically because while they looked away from the keyboard for thirty seconds to grab their glass of water, you sped off to the next mob. Trees don't have a whole lot of Oh Shit buttons, and it's hard to get them off on you when you're out of range. And remember, unless your healer is super talented and remembers to switch to kitty form to hit that "dash" button, you're screwed if you forget your healer.

In a final off-topic note, I recently got my fast flying mount, and a helpful hint for people out there--Thrallamar+Honored=4500g instead of 5kg in Dalaran. Oh, and the Blue Drake from Oculus is awesome.

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