Monday, February 1, 2010

Epic Failure as Tank

Well, I did it. First, I ran my first Heroic Dungeon—and I survived it (Hall of Stones). Of course, it helped that I was with a good team (two of my guildies, and then a couple Pick-ups). And then again with a few more of my guildies on Hall of Lightning. It built up my confidence. I was feeling good about it. And then it happened. Utgarde Pinnacle.   Known hereafter as Epic Failure. I survived the first two bosses. But it was horrible—I couldn't hold aggro to save my life. Three people died, and I had an all out wipe. I wish I could blame my armor, but I couldn't. I don't really know what I was missing—I think I need to create a few macros which will act kind of as a "save all" button. Some which I can click and rush the target to bring it back to my aggro. All I do know is that it is difficult for me to hold aggro—the hunter and mage were just too much DPS for my threat to keep up with. Any suggestions?


  1. The better your gear, the better your threat gen will be. In case a dps outgears you, you will have trouble with threat. DPS classes with aggro dumps should make use of them freely, and suggest hunters MD and rogues tricks.

  2. Those are great suggestions. Thank you.