Friday, February 5, 2010

Potential outage this weekend… No WoW for me! Tear!

Moving in RL this weekend across town… second move in a month, so wish me luck. This means though that I will be internet less  for the entire weekend! Oh the misery! I think assuming I get everything moved I can probably go to my parent's to "watch the superbowl" aka use their internet.

Got my fourth piece of the tier 9 gear last night. One more piece and most of my tanking armor will be 232.

 One of the blogs that I read often (Feral Instincts) got me thinking  about taking WoW too far… when does it become a job instead of a game? Some of these people take is to seriously. So then, I step back and ask, ok, so am I just a bad player, or do I have a life? Will this change when I go into Grad school? I take breaks often enough that I wouldn't be surprised if I do. I read about these people who have schedules, and spread sheets, and so on—and that's all cool and dandy, but how much is too much?

Recently I have run some pretty harsh instances with some pretty bad PuG members—people who were too impatient to wait for the Druid to rez someone, or get someone healed. My life is pretty simple. I live alone, I have a dog and a job, and that's about it. I think about WoW a lot. I read a lot of WoW blogs. I almost went as far as to buy the WoW comic. But at no point to I ever get impatient with a group to the point where I leave a random group because someone isn't "moving" fast enough. Heck, I've wiped non-stop sometimes three times before the group as a whole finally called it quits. But I have to wonder if these  people who are leaving barely before a fight is over, the ones who won't even greet a party, etc. if those are the ones that keep schedules, spreadsheets, etc. I'm not saying that if you do that you are necessarily a bad player, or even a jerk, but it does make me wonder, as stated earlier, how much is too much?

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