Thursday, February 11, 2010

Holy Violet Citadel Batman!

I donned my Batman suit (Tanking Gear), and ventured into the deadly lair of Kite Guy and Voidwalker Thing. There I was met with a rather nice PuG—a really nice (aka patient) healer, an extremely Newbie Deathknight (didn't know what "kiting" meant) and a decent array of DPS. My sidekick was absent for the day (I need to hold auditions for a new sidekick). Anyway, parked the batmobile mammoth at the entry and started the instance. It went rather well, until we incurred the wrath of Kite Guy. Kite Guy (Xevozz) wiped us (due to the orbs which pulled me in, and then promptly terminated my life), so we entered it again, this time with more success. The only hard part was the DK continually pulling from me (it wasn't an aggro issue on my side, the DK was taunting by pulling, etc).  Voidwalker Thing (Zuramat the Obliterator) was really easy—we really had awesome DPS—and the end boss was a no brainer. All in all, the instance went really well.

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