Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hey, Who’s the Tank Here?

Ran Regular Culling of Strathholm with a friend of mine last night. We were in a pickup group of course, and he was healing, and I was tanking—or so I thought. Not only was I the only 80 in the group, I was also the most experienced. This became evident to me quickly as the warrior in the group started the instance without checking with anyone, and then proceeded to charge forward. He ran non-stop from one group to the next—finally forcing me to shout out—"Who's the tank again? Oh yeah. Me."

Not only was I que'd as the tank, I was also the group leader—but this warrior punk was even marking focus items, before I could even get there. So, Resto (the healer) and I pressed on.

It wasn't until we had finished all three of the beginning wave bosses, and were trudged on to Mal'Ganas (letting the wanna-be tank die three times) when the warrior shouted, "If we hurry, we can try for the mount!" and charged past Mal'Ganas.

"No point—we're on regular." I said. "There is no mount on regular."

"Yes there is, just hurry." Resto and I stayed behind. Waiting for him to realize that he was wrong. "OH!" he shouted. "We missed it."

The fact that we were all in human disguise may have aggravated me more, especially since I couldn't actually kill the little punk, but I continued to remind myself, that the kid was probably 10 years old, and trying to show off to his friends (they were all from the same server).

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