Monday, April 19, 2010

Encounter with Mr. So-and-So

Met with Mr. So-and-So on Saturday. He was actually ridiculously cute, and really nice. But, he was late. Once, again, the plan was that he would be down to Montrose sometime around six, and we would meet around then. Cool. It was a Saturday night, as was it also Prom for the High Schoolers, so there wasn’t much of a chance of me going out.

My mother had provided me with a non-cheap bottle of wine. I had worked on my Jeep (AKA had my friend Erik work on my Jeep for me) and then went home and cleaned the house. Not just picked up mind you. I cleaned. I did all of my laundry, and even got it folded and put away. At 5:30, I hop in the shower. I get out, still nothing on the phone, but that’s cool. 5:50—I’ve now gotten dressed and have been messing with my hair, and accessories. Still nothing. 6:10—it’s okay, it’s a 30 minute drive from where he is. 6:30—I call. “Hey, when we talked earlier today I couldn’t remember when you said you’d be down, let me know!”

7:30, he calls. “Yeah, so we’re just now leaving.” OK.
Thirty minutes later: I have completely cleaned the apartment (including mock-mopping the floor), brushed the dogs, brushed my teeth, drank a glass of wine, smoked half a cigar, been tempted to open the other bottle of wine as it is now
8:50, and he calls again. I tell him how to get to my place, and he shows up about 13 minutes later. I meet him at the door, and I kind of freeze. He’s much better looking than I expected. And then there is kind of a weird aura. Do we kiss? Do we hug? My landlady knows I’m gay, but her husband is kind of a bigot… So probably want to avoid that. I invite him down stairs, and the kids (dogs) immediately attack him. He’s friendly to them of course, but I can tell he’s a little annoyed. He doesn’t really want them to be licking him. But that’s ok.

Pour a glass of wine, we chat, learn some things about him. And tell him way too much about myself. He wants to go out and smoke a cigarette (which I did too, but I don’t because I quit) so we stand outside for a bit. Another awkward almost touch moment, but I can see the landlord’s Aunt moving around in the house next door, so we don’t.

Go back inside, and he mentions leaving. Okay, that’s cool. He has a dog also, I understand not leaving it alone for long periods of time. But then he doesn’t. We talk a little longer, and I can tell he’s losing interest. What does he want? So I offer games, and movies (which essentially would require cuddling on my bed because my TV is in my bedroom). He seems tempted but then something in him decides against it. That’s cool, not the end of the world.

He gets up to leave, and we have a weird hug/hand holding moment—and I’m feeling shy at this point because I’m confused as to why he doesn’t want to stay longer, but it’s okay. He leaves, I send him a text saying something to the effect of “Not going to lie, wish you could’ve stayed longer.” Go outside to let the dogs out and I see a car which I think is his make a U-turn down the street. Maybe he’s coming back?

Nope, the car drives on, past me.

That night, end up talking to this young man I had met on Friday who lives near Greeley. Really sweet, genuine and intelligent. We seem to have an equal balance of things in common (such as World of Warcraft, even though he doesn’t play anymore) and many things that are not in common (he trains for marathons, I am out of breath after 10 minutes of running). Talk to this person the rest of the weekend, don’t really make any efforts to talk to So-and-So because New Guy is slightly more persistent in conversation. Sunday, talk to New Guy for an hour and forty minutes, and right when I’m rambling about how my ex read my journal and then accused me of cheating on him (that’s another fun story in itself) I hear New Guy snoring and realize that I should probably let him go. Right before I hang up, New Guy comes to and apologizes, and I tell him to go to bed. And I look at my phone. New message from So-and-So:

thanks for meeting up with me yesterday. Hope to see you again before you go.

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