Friday, April 23, 2010

A Julia Child/Julie Powell-esque Blog/Challenge

With my new server, I have set some new goals. A new friend of mine has a level 77 death knight. I want to see how fast we can level him doing nothing but dungeon runs. I of course, will lead the group as tank/healer depending on what the pug elects to participate in. But, here is my new challenge: How long will it take us to level the Death Knight from lvl 77 to 80 with the assistance of me, pugs, and double xp?
The Death Knight should have the following items:
Deadly Boss Mods
Threat/DPS meter
Titan Panel
These three items are necessary for many reasons, and I’ll go through them individually.
First, Deadly Boss Mods:
Deadly Boss Mods is required by most guilds for Raiding, and is highly encouraged for instance interaction. When a boss is about to perform a rather dangerous spell, cast or melee, DBM will warn the player. This is extremely necessary to keep the player informed of events which will ultimately cause an untimely death if ignored, cause a high repair bill, and possibly wipe the group/raid.
Threat/DPS meter
Ok, so these items probably aren’t as necessary for beginning players, however, I think it is important for “noobs” to be aware of what their damage is, and how changing a spell rotation can affect their damage. I would recommend something like Omen and Recount for beginners. Some may suggest Tidy Plates, but I have yet to experience this one yet (although I begin my trial tonight).
Titan Panel:
This item will be more for my use than the DK’s, but it is a very nice addition as it offers a lot of information in one central location. It will give you: time to level estimates, your total gold amount, bag space and so on.

So, returning to the challenge: Can I level a DK 3 levels in three days doing nothing but instance runs? The contender: Metaphoria, the Opponent: the WoW leveling System and Pug Groups. 72 Hours, and counting.

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